We’ve got this. You focus on running your business.

Information has become the cornerstone of business innovations. That is why business consulting has always been our primary service.  We help successful businesses ensure that they, and their customers, are protected so that they can achieve their goals.

Whether you want you want to commune with your customers wherever they are, or if you want to wield your company data like a samurai sword, let Watchman Security be vigilant at your side.

We can help you act with confidence, so you can innovate without fear.


Security  Event Log Review, Firewall Monitoring, Network Intrusion Detection

Logs don’t matter if no one reads them.  Let Watchman Security show you a better way to get real meaning out of your log data.


HIPAA, FERC, PCI and Other Industry Compliance Audit Planning

Watchman Security can help you prepare for a successful compliance audit or build an action plan to get you back on track.


Don’t let “hard to do and expensive” into your security discussions

Watchman Security can work with your IT and business teams to build comprehensive protection into your existing operations.